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This Fall I’ve read…

Excused Absences by Douglas Wilson I finished this one over Thanksgiving Break.  Still thinking it over.  I read it for teacher certification, but Mr. Wilson’s audience really isn’t teachers, it’s parents (and I’m not a parent…).  Pretty soon I’ll have to write a response to it so I don’t have to reread it in the next couple of months.

The Seven Laws of Teaching by John Milton Gregory  Okay, this was more of a re-read.  I’ve read it every Fall for the past four years.  This year I have already read it twice, once at the start of the school year, and a second time as I was preparing my 7 Laws Lesson Plan for teacher certification.

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp This is not part of my required reading for teacher certification but a friend gave it to me for my birthday.  I finished it a few days ago.  It’s definitely worth reading…very thought provoking.

The White Thread by K. B. Hoyle I LOVED this book.  It’s also not a part of the reading for teacher certification but it is on my bookshelf at school.  The White Thread is the third in a fantasy series “The Gateway Chronicles” by Ms. Hoyle.  If you love Lewis you should definitely pick up this series.

  • 28 December 2011
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